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What you need to know

Let’s Get Wellington Moving (LGWM) is a joint initiative between Wellington City Council (WCC), Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC), and Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency to make major investments over 20 years in mass rapid transit, walking and cycling, public transport and state highway improvements in Wellington city.

In 2017, after consultation with Wellingtonians, WCC, GWRC and Waka Kotahi presented the Recommended Programme of Investment to the Government. This was followed by a year of analysis of the Government’s ability to fund the programme, and consideration of the costs and benefits. This resulted in the indicative package of improvements for Wellington. Cabinet endorsed the project in May 2019 and the first phase of delivery is now underway.

Our role has been to support the Minister of Transport to assess the Government’s share of the project including the funding arrangement and any wider policy implications.

The work to date

May 2019–Present

Detailed investigation and development stage

The project has shifted into a Detailed Investigation and Development Stage to begin delivering the indicative package of improvements. We are keeping track of progress in order to support ministerial considerations as necessary, particularly in relation to Government funding. 

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May 2019

Cabinet endorsed the indicative package of transport investments

The Minister of Transport, with support from the Mayor of Wellington and the Chair of GWRC, announced the LGWM indicative package of improvements on 16 May 2019, following Cabinet’s endorsement. This is made up of a number of components to improve walking, cycling, public transport and liveability in Wellington.

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Oct 2018–May 2019

Indicative package of improvements developed from the Recommended Programme of Investment

Before the Minister of Transport could ask Cabinet to endorse the LGWM indicative package and the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) contribution, there needed to be further understanding of what was affordable within the broader context of committed and future transport funding.

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Oct 2018

Recommended Programme of Investment presented to the Minister of Transport by LGWM

At the end of 2017 LGWM consulted with Wellingtonians on 4 scenarios for improving transport and infrastructure in Wellington. The public’s input helped LGWM to develop a Recommended Programme of Investment that was presented to the Minister of Transport in late 2018.

More information and related documents

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