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What you need to know

There are around 2,600 public transport buses in operation in New Zealand and fewer than 40 of these are active electric buses.

In January 2021, the Government announced it’s committed to decarbonising the public transport bus fleet. By 2025, the Government will only allow zero-emission public transport buses to be purchased. This commitment targets complete decarbonisation of the public transport bus fleet by 2035.

The work to date

Jan 2021

Government announced its commited to decarbonising public transport bus fleet

The Government will support regional councils to achieve it targets through a $50 million fund over 4 years. We plan to engage with the sector on how the $50 million fund is spent, and how barriers to decarbonisation can be overcome in the fastest, most economically efficient way.

More information and related documents
Mar 2020–Dec 2020

Work programme developed on decarbonisation

We asked KPMG and Mott MacDonald to provide research on the options for transitioning away from diesel buses (including potential technologies, potential ownership, procurement and funding approaches).

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